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Part Science, Part Art, Fully Luxurious

Dear Customers and Friends, Due to health issues and a move I will be unable to fill orders for the remainder of 2017. I appreciate your understanding and your support more than ever.  Please reach out if you have questions about the soap and I'll respond as I'm able.  Happy Holidays!


Big Fat Soap Co. offers some of the finest-quality handcrafted soap and body products on the market today. Each batch is made from scratch using high quality ingredients, such as  olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, to provide a luxurious, moisturizing experience. We avoid oils that are prone to allergy aggravation such as peanut oil.  We never use artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. The natural beauty and delightful scents are derived from the subtle colors and fragrances of the plant botanicals and pure essential oils contained within. Choose a local, trusted source, with an owner who is experienced and certified as a handcrafted soapmaker for those earth-friendly products you're looking for.

*Important Note - I try to keep sufficient inventory on hand to complete most orders, however occasionally inventory on hand can't complete an order.  When this happens I'll contact you to see which option works best for you.*

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