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Have you tried our extra creamy, luxurious Peppermint Bar?  Its summery fresh, wake-you-up scent is our current favorite. Think mint julep...and jump in the shower!  Oh, and it's our July online SPECIAL: Buy two Peppermint Bars, get one free -- no coupon needed. (Simply order two peppermint bars and we'll automatically include a third bar in your shipment. Easy peasy!)Peppermint Bar Image





As a proud contributing author of the book 360 Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope (Volume 1), I am thrilled to be able to offer it here. It is an anthology of stories, reflections of hope--which will inspire readers everywhere. Being involved in this project has touched my life and my heart deeply. I hope it touches yours. Sincerely, Debbie

"I love your products!!! Only thing that has EVER worked on my extremely sensitive skin :):):) Thank you!!!" Steph I.

"While it's true that Big Fat Soap bars clean my skin gently without drying, I was surprised to discover that your pure, real soap also cleans stains right out of my clothes! I recently rubbed a bar into some stains on my favorite shorts before tossing them into the washing machine (the ones I wore while staining some woodwork--oops). To my surprise the stains washed right out!" Maureen - Portland, Oregon

"Just opened my box from big fat soap, it smelled heavenly the moment i opened it. And the pirate ducky soap, the cutest! Thanks!" Heather - Rancho Cucamonga, California

Bigfatsoap Founder"I find myself spraying Dr. Dave's Room Spray even when the room doesn't smell bad!" Debbie - LaVerne, California

"So, today, I peeled off the wrapper on a fresh, never been used, big fat soap. The flavor was Orange Blossom and this was the very first time I used a big fat soap product. Ahhhhhhh. You should have named this product Big Fat Piece of Heaven. :-)" Bets, Illinois


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