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Last MinuteGifts!

We've got 'em and you need 'em! Looking for a unique gift for the guy in your life? Try The Perfect Man. It's new and exclusively for men only.  But hurry, we have a limited supply in stock! This time of year makes us think of spicy clove, peppermintfrankincense + myrrh . . . and dry skin. Give the gift of creamy lather and lovely scents that your loved ones will appreciate long after the busy season is over.

"I love your products!!! Only thing that has EVER worked on my extremely sensitive skin :):):) Thank you!!!" Steph I.
"I have received other soapy gifts and also have seen other soapy vendors and girl, you have it goin' on. I LOVE your style." Kathy - Illinois

"While it's true that Big Fat Soap bars clean my skin gently without drying, I was surprised to discover that your pure, real soap also cleans stains right out of my clothes! I recently rubbed a bar into some stains on my favorite shorts before tossing them into the washing machine (the ones I wore while staining some woodwork--oops). To my surprise the stains washed right out!" Maureen - Portland, Oregon

"Just opened my box from big fat soap, it smelled heavenly the moment i opened it. And the pirate ducky soap, the cutest! Thanks!" Heather - Rancho Cucamonga, California

Bigfatsoap Founder"I find myself spraying Dr. Dave's Room Spray even when the room doesn't smell bad!" Debbie - LaVerne, California

"So, today, I peeled off the wrapper on a fresh, never been used, big fat soap. The flavor was Orange Blossom and this was the very first time I used a big fat soap product. Ahhhhhhh. You should have named this product Big Fat Piece of Heaven. :-)" Bets, Illinois


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